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Stay on track with our wheel alignment service

If your wheels are out of alignment - even slightly - you could experience your vehicle pulling to the left or right while you are driving straight ahead. Misalignment of your wheels can also result in uneven wearing of your tyres, loss in traction, increased fuel consumption and could indicate a more serious fault. Fortunately wheel alignment problems are usually straightforward to correct.

What's involved in wheel alignment?

Wheel balancing involves checking the precise toe angle of your tyres.


The "toe" refers to the degree at which the front of the tyre points inwards or outwards compared to the rear of the tyre.


The toe is extremely exact, and will be specific to the exact make and model of your vehicle.

Protect your money!

The primary effect of wheels being misaligned is fast wear on your tyres. Get your wheels aligned today to avoid costly tyre replacement.

Contact us if:

- You have hit a bad pothole

- You hit the kerb hard

- Your tyres show uneven wear

- You have had steering or

 suspension work

- Your steering wheel is off centre

Contact us for wheel alignment

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