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I am currently seeking a Mot/ Mechanical Technician to work full time they must have there level 3 qualifications and at least three years experience

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Pass your next annual MOT

Once your car is older than 3 years it must pass an annual MOT to prove that it is fit for use on public roads. Bring your vehicle to our friendly team and we will do our best to make sure it passes its MOT.


Don't assume that because your car is new, or appears to be fine that it will fly through its MOT!

How can I pass my MOT first time?

The MOT covers a range of elements including lighting and electronics, seat belts, horn, steering and suspension, brakes, exhaust and mirrors. The overall condition of the body work will be checked too.


If you have recently had your car serviced by us, and had us carry out all recommended work you likely don't have anything to worry about. If not, why not contact us for a service to make sure your car is both safe and prepared for its MOT?

Taxi Pre-MOT

Failing a taxi test at the council can be expensive. Why not book your taxi in for a pre-MOT and we will go through all the motions of a normal MOT to see if your taxi requires any work. Call us now for more details.

MOT services

- Warm viewing area in reception

- Pre MOT taxi test

- Free estimates for any work

- Class 4 MOTs

Call us to book your MOT or a service

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